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Welcome to the Thatched Home Inspector website. This is a primary resource for Building Surveyors, Residential Surveyors, Domestic Energy Assesssors and Building Professionals who need to find out more about Thatch, edited by a Master Thatcher and Building Surveyor. I specialise in Thatched houses, Cob and Stone Rubble houses and older property but I do survey all types of houses except system build.

Our Courses about thatch:

1. The Understanding Thatched Roofs course includes the Introduction to Thatch and Identifying Defects in Thatched roofs for Condition Rated and Full Building Surveys.

2. Weekend Thatching Courses: This course is more of an unusual weekend break but you will be thatching on a roof frame in the barn. Using Water reed and Combed Wheat reed.

Residential and Thatch Surveys that we do:-

Full Building Survey using the MiBuilding Survey template.
This is the most comprehensive Building Survey you will find. Usually running to over 120 pages with up to 150 photos and advice. This is easy to see-at-a-glance any defects found. This is ideal for all Listed, Historic, older and unusual properties.

Home Condition Survey using either the MiHomeBuyers Survey template or the SAVA Home Condition Survey template.
Both of these provide easy to understand reports, they are more aimed at the conventional type of house. The reports will be between 30 - 60 pages long with up to 50 photos.

Pre-purchase Thatched Roof Condition Survey: This includes a proposed maintenance schedule.

Post -purchase Thatched Roof Condition Survey. This includes a proposed maintenance schedule.

Customised Thatched Roof Surveys - where there is a specific problem.

Insurance inspections: some home insurance companies require a regular inspection by a thatcher.

Thatched Roof Design.

BE AWARE THAT Home Buyers Surveys on Thatched and older properties should only be performed by competent Surveyors with specialist knowledge about Thatch. Older buildings that are constructed of traditional materials (Cob and stone rubble etc) require Surveyors that have specialist experience in vernacular building techniques and to have received specialist training. For newer thatched properties specialist training is also necessary due to various methods of fire protection that are now incorporated in the construction of the building.

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RdSAP & Thatched Properties

The RdSAP 9.82 review makes EPC's on properties with a thatched roof very much easier and reflects the insulation value of the thatch material. Here is a breakdown of the changes:-

New roof type = Thatch

The roof is pitched.

Insulation is at the rafters (any loft insulation at ceiling level is ignored and there will be no thickness of thatch required).

The following U values have been assigned to thatch. This has been considerably simplified where a standard figure covers all thatching materials used and ignors the thickness of the thatch.

Horizontal ceiling and standard loft will have a "U value" of 0.35W/m2K

Sloping ceiling (Room in roof) will have a "U value" of 0.25W/m2K.

Software generated recommendations.

Solar panels and photovoltaic panels are not recommended for thatched properties.

Where there is existing loft insulation there will not be a recommendation to top up, and where there is no loft insulation there will be no recommendation to install any. There can be potential interstitial condensation problems where loft insulation is fitted.









2019 Understanding Thatched Roofs courses
in Devon, South Tawton.

Course Dates: TBA

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Understanding Thatched Roofs:

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Next RICS Training Courses
Understanding Thatched Roofs

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Weekend Thatching Courses for 2020

Next course is on 12th June to 14th June

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